Monthly Archives: October 2015

All Day Breakfast

McDonald’s now offers an All Day Breakfast menu. Not that this news jolted any amount of excitement, but it’s good to know. Last weekend I went for the first time since they started this offer. Without even reading the menu board I ordered what I Read more…



Mackelmore’s songs aren’t typically ones that I gravitate towards, but there’s something about his latest song. “Downtown” is so chaotic it’s like car crash you can’t look away from. Then I wondered, why am I drawn to this? Answer: Kool Moe Dee. I grew up in a landscape where artist like Kool Moe Dee ran the rap gamut. It’s a familiar sound and his voice is so smooth. It creates a nostalgic wanting. I just want to know when someone is going to pluck Kwame out of obscurity? Then all will be right in the world of rap resurrection.