All Day Breakfast

McDonald’s now offers an All Day Breakfast menu. Not that this news jolted any amount of excitement, but it’s good to know. Last weekend I went for the first time since they started this offer. Without even reading the menu board I ordered what I normally would order. The response, “Sorry we stopped serving breakfast already.” Okay, that’s not what I expected to hear. Then a quick backtrack on their statement. “You have to order from the “All Day Breakfast” menu. So there’s a catch. Not once did I hear in their commercials or in any news stories the menu would be limited to only a handful of items. I just assumed (probably like many others) they would serve the same items they do during the regular breakfast hours. I was extremely disappointed that my go to option (egg & cheese biscuit) was not one of the options. How could they do this? Before getting bent out of shape, I did the research. This item is being offered on the limited menu, but on McDonald’s website there’s a disclaimer..”Menu items vary by location”. So I just happen to stumble across a location that was not offering what I wanted. FYI: There’s only 12 items being offered.. see what’s available on 


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