Due Date Faux Pas

“When are you due?” The dreaded words a girl never wants to hear when she’s NOT pregnant. Thinking about saying this to someone? Well don’t. Here’s a few simple rules to help you avoid embarrassing yourself as well as the person you’re about to insult. 

  1. Watch as many “Sex in the City” reruns as you can. Get familiar with how diverse fashion can be. Even though this show has been off the air, it can still be informative. If wearing a billowy dress or shirt means a girl is pregnant in your podunk town, then maybe you need to think outside the box. Check to see if she’s wearing high heels, yet another good indicator, no baby.
  2. Do you think you see a raised belly? Well take a good look around, there’s raised bellies everywhere. Men are the worst, but of course they’re never going to be mistaken for being pregnant. So why would  assume a girl is having a baby because she’s got a belly?
  3. Did she tell you she was pregnant? No? Then why are you making stuff up?!! Avoid the embarrassment and don’t say anything. Especially if you barely know the person. I’m almost certain in the ‘ice breaker’ handbook asking a girl when’s she’s due is not listed anywhere.
  4. Final rule, the only time you can ask when a girl is due is, WHEN THEY TELL YOU THEY ARE PREGNANT. If you don’t think you can remember the other rules at least keep this one on hand.

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