Travel Insurance

I’ve never thought twice about purchasing Travel Insurance, so when I recently booked a trip with a tour group that required I get insurance I was at a lose. I had no idea where to go or what to look for to get insurance. Just like getting health insurance it was completely overwhelming. I learned a few key points which I want to pass along. First, decide WHAT you need. This can totally change the cost and determine if you’ll end up paying hundreds of dollars. Paying to insurance that you get the cost of your trip refunded (airplane tickets, hotels, tours, etc.) if your trip gets cancelled or even interrupted is going to cost you the MOST. For example, my trip was around $3500. To get the above insurance was going to cost me on average $100-$200.

My booked tour was requiring me to carry $200,000 combined coverage and that I have (at the minimum) Evacuation and Medical. Not trip cancellation or interruption. That changed everything. I learned that when you search or even apply for coverage that you can enter $0 for the cost of your trip. That will eliminate your ability to get cancellation or interruption. I personally was not concerned with having that kind of coverage. This dropped the cost to plans starting at $15. Big difference.

I used a price comparison website like to help me compare a number of companies and options in one place. I ended up getting insurance through Travel Insurance International and paid $28. I wasn’t totally being cheap and bought one of their mid-level plans to make sure I was sufficiently covered. I was even surprised to learn that the coverage I bought would reimburse part of my return flight if my trip was cancelled. That was a small perk considering I didn’t not purchase trip cancellation.

Looking back at my 21 years of traveling and can only reflect on one trip that it would have been good to have travel insurance. On the 3rd day in to my Ireland trip I caught a nasty flu virus. It halted our sightseeing completely. By the end of the trip everyone was sick. I guess I’ve been lucky overall to only have had one incident.


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