Fuji Instax

Just over a year a go I bought a camera which I absolutely love. The Fuji Instax. It’s a resurgence of the Polaroid style camera, but the instant photos that are half the size. It’s fun and easy to use.


Back in December 2015, there were very few accessories available. With it’s popularity growing more and more albums, camera straps, bags, etc. have started to emerge. The brand ‘Heidi Swapp’ has a bunch of cute accessories which I love, with one exception. My latest purchase was somewhat of a disappointment.

The golden arrow display has a great design, but has failed in functionality. Below is the image from the package, showing you how this product looks and works. A beautiful golden arrow with magnetic pins and ample room to display 3 or 4 or your Instax photos.


In reality, the proportions are completely off. I could barely get 3 photos pinned up. There was zero extra space. I feel deceived, but I wasn’t agitated enough to return the product.



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